Cold Weather & Your Skin

Soon we will be unveiling our swimwear line.  We cannot wait to show you!

Until then it is still quite cold, even though we know spring is getting closer and closer.

We saw these great tips on the Today Show for winterizing your skin, and wanted to share the video with all of our readers.

This will help you get your skin healthy and ready to look fabulous in our new swimwear line!

Free Shipping on Mod Bod Items Over at Blend Fashions

We hope you enjoyed our promotion last week for free shipping to all of our customers.

We wanted to let all of you know of ANOTHER opportunity for free shipping over at  Blend Fashions is a clothing store that carries the Mod Bod brand. They have a great online shop as well, and are doing free shipping this week.

Here are the items you can get free shipping on through the Blend Fashions Website at

Remember, you won’t get free shipping at our site on these items.  You’ll get them at

Happy Shopping!

Quick Costco Update

Sandy Costco Shoppers! We are so sorry due to last minute scheduling we are NOT at the Sandy Costco right now, we will update you as soon as we are. If you are looking for other Utah dates and locations they are listed below, we stay for a full 10 days at the Costco.
Thanks for your patience!
St. George 3/5
Orem 3/12
Lehi 3/19
Ogden 3/19
For everyone else we will have a CORRECT updated schedule to you by the middle of the next week.

Free Shipping!

Wish you could get some advice on which styles to take advantage of during our Free Shipping Week? Well, we sent our line to four fun ladies and they posted on their favorite items!

We sent the lovely Reachel from Cardigan Empire some pieces from our fall/winter Line, MB Clothing, to see how she would put her own spin on them. Reachel has such an amazing eye for anything fashion and you can tell she just adores blogging about everything fashion.

Fashion Style Etiquette Cardigan Empire

She will give you fantastic ideas on how YOU can pair our MB Clothing collection and give you a completely new introduction to our line.

Melissa Esplin looks stunning in each of our pieces and we love her style.  She puts a totally different twist on our line. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

This is what we want with our line- for the pieces to look gorgeous on their own and to become staples in your wardrobe.  We also want the pieces to become your own! We want you to use them for a “rocker chick look,” a “sophisticated look,” a “holiday look” or an “everyday look.” Melissa does such an awesome job of showing different looks! Here is a sneak peek at one of her looks, but you will have to read her complete blog post to see all of them!

Lindsey from The R House put the outfits together so perfectly.  We love the tunic she paired with our 3/4 length sleeve top. Even more, we love her reasoning behind preferring 3/4 length sleeve to long sleeve. As she put it, “As a mom of two messy toddler boys, I am glad it’s not long sleeve–especially since it is white.  At the end of the day, I am always surprised to see marker, m&m stains and playdough sticking to me around the wrists.” We never thought of it like that but are glad to be helping mothers out!

the r house button

To see her FULL review and to find out what piece she loved the most from our line, be sure to check it out here!

Allison from Petit Elefant posted her review, outfits, pictures of her beautiful self, and also “cheat sheets” for you to use in putting together outfits.

We love seeing every blogger’s personal style and how much fun they had putting their spin on the outfits. Even more, we love their reviews on our pieces and which ones look fabulous on them.

So take the advice and reviews from these ladies, and then take advantage of our free shipping this week!

Free Shipping this Week!

The Essentials

Stylists, designers and “fashion-istas” have been telling us for years to make sure we always have high quality, fabulous fitting “essentials” in our wardrobe in order to actually spend LESS on new clothing. If you have “key pieces” that you can mix and match into wardrobes of all different styles it helps a lot. Then on the styles that come and go quickly, you can buy a less expensive version and mix it in with the essential wardrobe pieces that you will have for years and years.

Mod Bod is the place to buy these essential key pieces for your wardrobe!

1. A Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt has been around for decades.  Sometimes it is big in high fashion and other times it is just an essential piece to have for work or events where you need to look a bit more dressy. Our pencil skirt has slimming lines, split pocket detailing, and an enclosed kick pleat to keep you from unwanted “peek-a-boos.” Which means you don’t have to worry about the slit in the back!

2. Cardigans

Another piece that you have seen for decades is the cardigan, which is perfect for fall, winter and spring. You can dress cardigans up or down and make the look completely different in every single outfit. Having a high quality, great fitting cardigan in a few basic colors is an essential addition to your wardrobe.

3. Perfect Fitting Basic Shirts

Our Perfect Fitting Ts really are “indispensable classics.” They come in camis, cap sleeve, tanks, long sleeve, quarter length sleeve, scoop neck, v neck, etc. And in a very high number of color selections as well. Having even just a few white Ts that fit you fantastically is an essential addition to your wardrobe!

Hope this has helped you learn what “essential key pieces” you should have in your wardrobe and where to find them!

Springs Top 3 Trends

#1 Boy Cut Blazers — This trend was here in the fall and winter, and it is here to stay for spring as well. Time to invest in a high quality, great fit Boyfriend Blazer. Over at they have our favorite Boyfriend Blazer for sale from BB Dakota.  Take a look:

#2 Print Skirts–This one is a lot of fun to play around with.  Don’t be afraid to mix different pattern combos! Just try to keep one common color and mix femininity with a “rocker chic” style. Also, another trend is that hemlines have officially dropped! The floor sweeping style is the ultimate in understated cool and reminds us of early ’90s summer days. Last year it was Maxi Dresses.  This year it is Maxi Skirts.

#3 Blue Bags– Blued hued bags bring a beautiful “cool” toned color to spring and we just love it. Check out the beautiful blue hued bags we have found around the web:

Wishing for Warmer Weather

We are all wishing for warmer weather or making plans to take a nice trip to warmer weather! That is why we really loved this video from Who What Wear TV. They’re showing off some fashion tips for “Warm Weather Getaways.” Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Also don’t forget today is the VERY LAST DAY you can take advantage of our “Winter Blowout Sale.” Click the graphic below for details!

Upcoming Costco Dates for February

We get requests daily on when we will be at YOUR local Costco.  Please check back every couple of weeks to see if your city is listed next! We are traveling all around the country this year to bring our Mod Bod fashions to you.

2/13/10 to 2/22/10 San Juan Capistrano, CA

2/13/10 to 2/22/10 Westlake Village, CA

2/13/10 to 2/22/10 Tustin, CA

2/13/10 to 2/22/10 Sandy, UT

2/13/10 to 2/22/10 Hillsboro, OR

Also, don’t forget we are in Chino Hills, CA; Los Feliz, CA; SW Bakersfield, CA until 2/08/10 !

Check back in two weeks for the next set of dates.

If you have any friends or family in these areas, let them know we will be in their local Costco.

Thanks for all your support!

Once again, here is a little overview on what you can expect when you head into your local Costco to find us:

At Costco, you can buy our Basics line in a 2 pack box. We have boxes of Long Sleeve, Camis, Cap Sleeve and Perfect Vs. They come in black, white and other different colors. You get them at a great price, so be sure to watch for when we will be in your area.

Winter Blowout Sale–Perfect Long Sleeve Styling

Have you taken advantage of our Winter Blowout Sale yet? 30% off the Perfect Long Sleeve and Free Shipping on orders over $100!

Our Perfect Long Sleeve comes in SIX different colors: White, Black, Cream, Pewter, Blue Steel and Brown. Our long sleeve shirt is the essential item in every woman’s wardrobe.  We want to show off some outfits that it works perfectly with for cold winter.

1. It is the perfect Shirt to layer into or wear on it’s own with a modest skirt that will work for the office, a fun night out with friends or date night. It slims the body, adds warmth and doesn’t take away from the style of these beautiful skirts. (All skirts made by Mod Bod and available at

2. It is also the perfect shirt when running around town doing errands, grabbing lunch or taking care of the kids in a more relaxed outfit. This outfit, the Amberlee Jacket and Morgan Pants, is perfectly broken up with layering in a white Perfect Long Sleeved Shirt!

3. Cardigans are huge this winter and will still be big this spring as well. You can layer the Perfect Long Sleeve underneath to give your cardigan a bit of color or balance out the color in the cardigan.

Winter Blowout Sale

30 % off all of our Long Sleeved Tees

Free Shipping on orders over $100

From Feb. 2nd until Feb. 7th

Online at