Maximize Your Child’s Wardrobe

Last week we highlighted some of the pieces from our Mini Mod line.  In February we are going to have some brand new pieces in that line!  To get you excited, we are going to give some helpful tips involving your children’s wardrobes. Today’s tip is something we all need help with:  how to MAXIMIZE your child’s wardrobe.

Dressing your kids stylishly can be very expensive.  It can start to add up depending on how fast you add to your family! But building a child’s wardrobe that’s fashionable does not need to cost you a fortune. All of our pieces in the Mini Mod line are high quality, affordable, and designed to grow with your little girls. When you are looking to get more bang for your buck, you need to look at TWO important things: wearability and durability.

  • Spend Wisely and Focus on QUALITY-Children are HARD on their clothing.  Make sure to prioritize quality over style so their clothing will weather everything your child will put it through!
  • Layering-It is not only fun for kids to be able to play around with the layering. Layering makes shirts long enough to last those last couple of months until the next season. Layering can help you be able to use short- sleeve shirts in the winter months.
  • Take Time to Organize So You Can Think Ahead-If you already know what your child has before the season begins, then you don’t over-buy or under-buy.  You end up buying just what she needs. This will help you keep to your budget and get the essentials.
  • Ask for Help!-Ask for your child’s input. If you want to buy her this Girly Skirt with a Matching Headband, let go and let her choose the color or what shirt she wants to pair it with. It will make it more fun for the both of you.
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