Our MiniMod Line

Today we wanted to feature our MiniMod line. Many of our customers do not know we have a line for little girls!

We love ourMiniMod Girly Skirt with Matching Headband.  Isn’t it unbelievably adorable? It comes in Heather Black, Heather Brown and White.  It’s Twirly, Girly, and Fun!  The soft, wide waistband fits the tummy comfortably.  The skirt comes with a matching headband and is made from soft and stretchy cotton/spandex. And as a mother of quite a few girls, I love that they don’t grow out of this style too fast. Buy one size larger for the length because the waistband will grow with them!  You can get a good three years out of this skirt!


We love to pair the skirt with our Minimod Puff Sleeve Tee pictured below in red (but it also comes in Pink and White). As the mom, you are going to love this combo because the shirt is long enough! You won’t always be reaching over to pull up their bottom and pull down their top.  Everything will stay in place!

Stay tuned because next month we will have new items in our MiniMod line!

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