Costco Dates

Mod Bod fans love when our line is available at Costco! They always get such great deals and love that they can check out our clothes in person.

Here are some dates for the first part of Janurary.  If you don’t see your city on the list do not worry.  We have quite a few more!

Gig Harbor WA 1/2/10-1/10/10

Helena MT 1/2/10-1/1/10

Puyallup WA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Union Gap WA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Covington WA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Cypress CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Santa Clarita CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

City of Industry CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Torrance CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Douglas, CO 1/8/10-1/17/10

Temecula, CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Henderson, NV 1/8/10-1/17/10

Glendale, AZ 1/8/10-1/17/10

Sandcity, CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

Novato, CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

San Francisco, CA 1/8/10-1/17/10

If you have any friends or family in these areas let them know we will be in their local Costco.

Thanks for all your support!

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  1. Jan Doremus

     /  January 9, 2010

    When are you going to be back in Oxnard, Simi, or Westlake Village, Costco’s? I bought 6 and need more soon…the camis ate the best that I have ever worn. I have a long torso and most camis I’ve purchased have not worked at all for me. Please let me know asap, Thanks a lot.

  2. Shelley Rhodes

     /  January 16, 2010

    When will you be at the Gig Harbor,Wa.,or Silverdale,Wa, or Tacoma, Wa.? I know you were just in Gig Harbor. I bought the cap sleeve top. Sure wish I would have bought more. I love them!!

  3. Janelle

     /  January 16, 2010

    I am so excited that there are couple of stores in WA that will have them this month. These were on my Christmas list but my husband didn’t get there in time. I am sending my mom today to grab some.

  4. Deborah

     /  June 8, 2010

    When are you going to be back in Southern Ca. this summer. Need more short sleeves in all colors. Great product .

  5. When will you be back in Washington. Need the long sleeve with scoop neck.


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