5 New Years FASHION Resolutions for You

These are easy enough for ALL of us to do.  Enjoy!

#1. Don’t let your fabulous black clothes fade and appear dingy. Buy a great detergent made for washing your blacks  and only wash them in one cycle of cold water. Perwoll Black Magic is the detergent we swear by.  It is worth it to keep your favorite black pieces looking like new!

#2 Spend more on the classic staples in your wardrobe and less on the styles that come and go so quickly.

#3 Clean out your closet and drawers. Go through everything you own and separate it into what you will keep, what you will throw away, and what you will give away. Purging your closet will likely give you a lift and you will be able to see what you really do already have and what you need to pick up.

#4 Finally find *your* brand of jeans. Nothing is better than having a pair of denim that you know look fabulous on you.  They could be a $30 pair from Old Navy or a $150 pair from Nordstrom. Just find the right pair and invest!

#5 Feeling lost on what your personal style is or how to be fashionable at all? Read more fashion literature, Phaidon’s Fashion Book

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