Featured Look of the Week

Our favorite boutique http://www.BlendFashions.com (where you can buy items online now too) featured a “Look of the Week” that is a perfect example of how to use one of our tops. This sheer polka dot top needs some extra coverage which is why you just simply layer a mod bod top underneath. Fabulous outfit.

Look of the Week

I am a big believer in comfort.

Yes, I admit, I subject myself to a lot of pain in the

name of fashion;

that is why, I love finding outfits that look great

and FEEL great!

What is more comfortable than a great pair of jeans.

This week, I featured another pair of our Prvcy jeans,

which not only fit great,

but keep their shape wash after wash.

I then paired the jeans with this great new white tunic

that arrived this week.

It is a 3/4 sleeve sheer polka dot top.

It is simple, yet dresses up a pair of jeans.

You could also pair this tunic with some leggings and boots.

Because the look is clean and simple,

you can put a great necklace with it,

to add more style.

I finished the outfit off with our new brown boots.

Now you are ready to go out and finish your holiday shopping.
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