Arm Candy over at Blend Fashions

We adore the clothing shoppe Blend Fashions in Utah,  You can also shop online. Check out their take on “Arm Candy” such fun!

Arm Candy 

I was browsing fashion magazines the other day,

trying to get inspiration,

when I thought that I should confess. 

I have a fetish, a fetish,

that in my college days I let run wild.

No, it is not shoes, although you could persuade me to do quite a bit for a fabulous pair of heels,

my obsession can be found on the arm. . . . .. . . . 

I can’t seem to get enough BAGS.

I LOVE purses, or as I like to call them,

“Arm Candy.” 

There is nothing better than pairing a great outfit with

a brilliant purse, and lucky for me

the girls here at Blend agree with me. 

We try to get unique bags in our store that can help make an outfit,

or spice up jeans and a tee.

Here are just a few samples of what we currently have.

Our selection changes every other week,

and also goes really fast,

so don’t procrastinate!

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