November Newsletter

Winter is almost here! The mountains are so beautiful with the snow on them. We love to drive up the canyons and do a bit of sledding during the winter. As a mom of 6, I always worry about my girls and myself being warm enough. There are so many fall & winter trends that are so lightweight and neglect to cover enough skin! Our basic line that has our 3/4 length Ts and Long Sleeve Ts are staples that you need to have in your wardrobe. With these Ts, you can stay warm and modest while keeping your outfits fashionable.

Also as a mother of 6, I am looking to save money. Dressing 8 of us can start to add up! My girls have favorite shirts from warmer months that they want to wear during the cold months. Which is why I love the long sleeve basics. They make it so you can wear your wardrobe all year long, which saves money!

My girls and I love heading over to Blend Fashions. It is a clothing boutique off of State Street in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It is SO nice to have a store where both myself and my teenage girls can find things to wear. I love the “Look of the Week” on their blog. It is fun to see what they have before we head on in.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season and have fun picking out your holiday outfits. Don’t forget our new MB Clothing line online. All the skirts are pictured in black but we do have some of them in dark blue, white and red. Perfect colors for the holiday season.

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