Flattering Tops

Everyone wants tips on how to become or to appear slimmer! In our last blog post we had Jessica from BlendFashions.com give us some tips on how to dress for your body type. Today we wanted to show off a couple of our favorite outfits and how you can use them to slim down your figure.

The Zoe Puff Sleeve is wonderful for anyone wanting to appear slimmer in the top half of her body. With the wide, low (but not too low!) scoop neck, the Zoe draws attention upwards. Pairing it with a long necklace like the one pictured above is also such a neat slimming trick. Everyone should own this shirt and a necklace like this! The sleeves on this shirt are also slimming because they hit at just the right length. Plus, the detail (puff) at the end of the sleeve draws attention to the detail and away from any upper arm issues you might be worried about.

This Jace Turtleneck is what we all need in order to stay warm this winter! We also want to point out the LENGTH. Sometimes turtlenecks can chop up the body and make the waist appear thicker, but not with our turtleneck. It’s length is really what makes it so slimming. It works as a “band” to slim out the waist. (Not to mention it keeps us warm and looking fashionably classic this winter.)

Our Banded Cardigan really is a basic, classic piece you need to have in your wardrobe. It is so versatile! You can pair it will a wide belt to accentuate or create an hourglass figure. If you feel like your body doesn’t work well with those kind of belts, you can just wear the cardigan open which will, once again, create a nice illusion of a smaller waist!

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