Top Product Picks

Here at Mod Bod we love anything about fashion and are always excited to find another amazing product that we can share with our customers. We have come up with a great handful of amazing beauty products that we PROMISE you will love.

This Lip Gloss from the Benefit San Francisco line is AMAZING. This is truly a lip gloss that keeps the shimmer and color on your lips all day long. We love the price at $18.00, and our favorite part- it is not sticky in the slightest. Our two favorite shades are Shimmering Raspberry and Golden Nude. It’s great to wear alone or over your favorite lipstick color.

What’s better than a fantastic hair product that is cheap, can be picked up at your local Walgreens, AND is a secret product that the celebrities use? Nothing! The Pure Shine Spray-On Luminator gives your hair that glossy finish everyone tries to get. It helps with fly aways, frizziness, and keeps hair looking natural and shiny.

Our favorite makeup product right now is Bobbi Brown’s Neutral Palette EyeShadows. When you hear the word neutral you might think of boring or dull, but this collection is NOT either of those. It is perfect for weekday makeup and a great collection to wear for something a bit fancier.

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