October Newsletter

Isn’t fall just beautiful? We are lucky to live in an area (Utah) that is full of so many canyons to explore! Everyone seems to be doing family pictures right now by the beautiful leaves and I have been noticing a trend in their attire- brown! Brown does go so well with the bright red, yellow, gold and orange leaves. Our new MB Clothing line has the perfect outfits for your fall family pictures.

We have been busy busy busy here at Mod Bod shipping out our new line to women all around the country. We even had quite a few orders going out for early holiday presents! How perfect would that be to have a modern, trendy and modest outfit delivered to your house for an early holiday present! It is starting to get cold and our line is perfect for that.

Don’t forget we also have our Mod Bod Basic line. I know a lot of you picked them up at the Costcos in the area where we were having specials. You can also buy them at Blend Fashions in Pleasant Grove, Utah and online at http://www.themodbod.com. I know our long sleeve layering tees would go perfectly with these brand new tops from Blend Fashions.

Using our Mod Bod Basic as a layering piece in these tops ensures that they are modest enough and that they keep you warm during these cold months. They also make it possible for you to wear more of your wardrobe during the winter!

You can check out the blog post we put up with some great locations for hikes in the canyons all over Utah here: http://modbodblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/autumn.html

Have a great October. Happy Halloween!

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