Celebrity Look: Pencil Skirt

We just love this celebrity look here at Mod Bod. We think it looks stylish, trendy, modern and modest. It’s very glamorous too, and there are so many things you can do with a pencil skirt.
The length and fit of a pencil skirt is great for every body type. It should be a go-to item in your wardrobe!

But who knows how much these outfits cost these celebs? Our Mod Bod pencil skirt is high quality, a wonderful fit and an affordable price at 44.95. It comes in black, khaki and brown in sizes S to XL. You can buy it here.

Flattering Tops

Everyone wants tips on how to become or to appear slimmer! In our last blog post we had Jessica from BlendFashions.com give us some tips on how to dress for your body type. Today we wanted to show off a couple of our favorite outfits and how you can use them to slim down your figure.

The Zoe Puff Sleeve is wonderful for anyone wanting to appear slimmer in the top half of her body. With the wide, low (but not too low!) scoop neck, the Zoe draws attention upwards. Pairing it with a long necklace like the one pictured above is also such a neat slimming trick. Everyone should own this shirt and a necklace like this! The sleeves on this shirt are also slimming because they hit at just the right length. Plus, the detail (puff) at the end of the sleeve draws attention to the detail and away from any upper arm issues you might be worried about.

This Jace Turtleneck is what we all need in order to stay warm this winter! We also want to point out the LENGTH. Sometimes turtlenecks can chop up the body and make the waist appear thicker, but not with our turtleneck. It’s length is really what makes it so slimming. It works as a “band” to slim out the waist. (Not to mention it keeps us warm and looking fashionably classic this winter.)

Our Banded Cardigan really is a basic, classic piece you need to have in your wardrobe. It is so versatile! You can pair it will a wide belt to accentuate or create an hourglass figure. If you feel like your body doesn’t work well with those kind of belts, you can just wear the cardigan open which will, once again, create a nice illusion of a smaller waist!

Dressing for YOUR Body Type

Blend Fashions is a clothing boutique in Utah that we adore, their store manager just put together this great video showing off ways to dress for YOUR body type. And since this is one of the #1 questions I get asked on Facebook and Twitter I knew our customers and readers would enjoy!

Top Product Picks

Here at Mod Bod we love anything about fashion and are always excited to find another amazing product that we can share with our customers. We have come up with a great handful of amazing beauty products that we PROMISE you will love.

This Lip Gloss from the Benefit San Francisco line is AMAZING. This is truly a lip gloss that keeps the shimmer and color on your lips all day long. We love the price at $18.00, and our favorite part- it is not sticky in the slightest. Our two favorite shades are Shimmering Raspberry and Golden Nude. It’s great to wear alone or over your favorite lipstick color.

What’s better than a fantastic hair product that is cheap, can be picked up at your local Walgreens, AND is a secret product that the celebrities use? Nothing! The Pure Shine Spray-On Luminator gives your hair that glossy finish everyone tries to get. It helps with fly aways, frizziness, and keeps hair looking natural and shiny.

Our favorite makeup product right now is Bobbi Brown’s Neutral Palette EyeShadows. When you hear the word neutral you might think of boring or dull, but this collection is NOT either of those. It is perfect for weekday makeup and a great collection to wear for something a bit fancier.

Fashions Do’s & Don’ts

The Today Show always has the best fashion Do’s and Don’ts. They paired up with the editor of Glamour and put together this fun video.

What would YOU do if you were met in the mall by this woman? I would hope I am dressed well! 🙂

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

October Newsletter

Isn’t fall just beautiful? We are lucky to live in an area (Utah) that is full of so many canyons to explore! Everyone seems to be doing family pictures right now by the beautiful leaves and I have been noticing a trend in their attire- brown! Brown does go so well with the bright red, yellow, gold and orange leaves. Our new MB Clothing line has the perfect outfits for your fall family pictures.

We have been busy busy busy here at Mod Bod shipping out our new line to women all around the country. We even had quite a few orders going out for early holiday presents! How perfect would that be to have a modern, trendy and modest outfit delivered to your house for an early holiday present! It is starting to get cold and our line is perfect for that.

Don’t forget we also have our Mod Bod Basic line. I know a lot of you picked them up at the Costcos in the area where we were having specials. You can also buy them at Blend Fashions in Pleasant Grove, Utah and online at http://www.themodbod.com. I know our long sleeve layering tees would go perfectly with these brand new tops from Blend Fashions.

Using our Mod Bod Basic as a layering piece in these tops ensures that they are modest enough and that they keep you warm during these cold months. They also make it possible for you to wear more of your wardrobe during the winter!

You can check out the blog post we put up with some great locations for hikes in the canyons all over Utah here: http://modbodblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/autumn.html

Have a great October. Happy Halloween!

Future Fashion Designer

Any aspiring designers out there? I have met a few on Twitter so I thought I would share some basic but fantastic videos to give you tips on sketching your designs. I love to see other designers engrossed in their work–it’s such a beautiful line of work to be in! I love my job more than I would have ever imagined and am so excited and proud to hear of others wanting to do the same.

Emmy-nominated Bruce Marshall gives a quick tutorial on how to draw a fashion sketch. To draw a rough, quick fashion sketch construct the lines for how the outfit should be put together so a seamstress would know how to sew the outfit. Design clothing by making rough fashion sketches using this free video from an experienced clothing designer.

Color is essential to a professional fashion sketch; learn how to draw fashion sketches by watching this free video on fashion design and illustration. Lauren Bradley is a professional fashion designer with many years of experience in various aspects of the fashion industry.

Hope these can further your knowledge of fashion sketching and get you on the right path! Good luck!

Bio Wash Method

You may have noticed that the cami and cap sleeve in our new line state that they are BIO WASHED. Now I have had a lot of questions on what exactly this means. So let me explain!


It is a great alternative to those detergents that are full of lots of harmful chemicals. BIO-WASH consists of natural soap suds, natural cloth conditioners, natural color fixers, and natural brightening agents.

What difference does BIO-WASH make?

* Using a BIO-WASH actually makes the shirts quite a bit softer. It is more gentle so it helps clothing have a longer fabric life. Chemical detergents are harsh on your clothes. BIO-WASH also maintains the color, luster, and shine of your clothes much longer than chemical soaps. It also washes your garments amazingly soft and clean.

* Having the shirts BIO-WASHED protects your skin from various ailments such as acne, allergy, eczema, chronic itching, etc. that can be caused by chemicals found in other washes. BIO-WASH is entirely chemical free.

*BIO-WASH maintains and preserves the color of your shirts at a higher level. The color of your clothes will be well protected – in fact colors will now be maintained for a longer period of time.

How does BIO-WASH help the environment?

Using BIO-WASH on our new cap tees and cami helps cut back on hazardous chemicals found in other detergents. This makes a huge impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as a company.


We love to celebrate autumn as a family by taking many trips up the canyon to watch the seasonal changes. Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate the beauty around you this season!

Here is a collection of some of my favorite pictures of fall and Utah. I’ve also included a couple of links to wonderful hikes to do as a family in the canyon!

Image Via Gale Rainwater

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
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