"How To" Guide on Skirts

Skirts are a big item this year in fashion. Our new line has 5 new skirts coming out, so we wanted to give you a “How To” guide on skirts in preparation!

You want your skirts to be versatile, functional, slimming, elegant, and trendy but still comfortable. And there are plenty of ways to get what you want.

Take the denim skirt to the next level with pleats and a lighter denim fabric! When wearing a very full skirt like this, it is important to wear it with a top that is slimming and highlights your waist. A vest is a perfect thing to pair with a skirt like this!

Fall is here and winter will follow very quickly behind it. Looking for a skirt that has a heavy enough material to keep you warm but that is still flowy and feminine can be tough! When you find a skirt that works, it is such a huge staple in your wardrobe during the cold months! Pairing it with a warm but FITTED turtle neck is such a perfect go to outfit.

Ruffle is a huge trend that we love this season because it gives the earthy tones a touch of femininity. But it still needs to be appropriate for work and modest enough to feel comfortable. This is why we love this skirt, just the right amount of detail!

All of the Skirt Styles featured will be available to purchase at http://www.themodbod.com on October 1st.

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