Zoe Top & Pencil Skirt

We are continuing to show off MB Clothing, our new line that will be out in 17 days! This is our Zoe Top paired with our Pencil Skirt. 40’s Glamour is back for fall fashion and the pencil skirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It is a classic piece as well as a trendy piece right now. It looks modern and old fashioned at the same time. We love how slimming it is to all figures. And we love all the different things you can pair it with. Our pencil skirt is modest so you don’t have to worry about showing off too much when you are at the office, church, or out at night with friends. This is such a fantastic piece in our line.

We love to pair it with our brand new Zoe Top. The Zoe Top comes in White, Black and Pewter. All earth tones which, once again, are very “in” this season. AND when you design it with feminine detail, it works! The puffed sleeve at the elbow does just that and also helps slim out the upper arm.

This is the perfect outfit to dress up with fun accessories. It’s also an outfit where you can pull off those higher boots that are in this season!

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