Marie Skirt & Jace Turtleneck

These are the last two items we are unveiling from our new line. We have so enjoyed giving our blog readers/facebook fans/twitter followers such a huge “Sneak Peak” into our new line! It comes out tomorrow and we hope you enjoy it. We also hope the pieces become beautiful staples in your wardrobe that you always know look fabulous on you.

This is the perfect comfortable, flattering and soon to be very important WARM & COZY outfit that will be a go-to this winter.

The longer length and wider waistband make the Marie Skirt a great skirt to own.

The Jace Turtleneck is actually long enough. I always have a hard time with turtlenecks being long enough, and so when designing this top, I made sure it was!

We hope you enjoy!

Belle Skirt

We only have two more pieces to tell you about and then….we are so excited…the day is almost here! On THURSDAY our new line is available to buy!

Today we are featuring our Belle Skirt. We know it will become your favorite go-to skirt in your wardrobe. It is a fuller skirt but because of the waist and the tapering, it is a full skirt that still elongates the legs and cinches the waist!

You can pair this skirt with ANYTHING. It is such a stunning skirt that will always make you look fabulous. Modest, Trendy, Modern and for ANY age.

Also, it comes in RED which means your Christmas outfit is now all figured out for you 🙂

Kali Cowl Neck Top

We are so excited for all of our new items to come out October 1st, but this is one we are especially excited for. Our customers give us feedback that TOPS are sometimes the hardest items to find that are modest but still trendy or flattering. We come out with pieces in our new lines based on suggestions from our customers, so here it is!

A fabulous, modest, modern, and slimming fall/winter top. A bowl neck that actually stays UP on your shoulders, front tuck pleats to give you a waistline, and 3 quarter length sleeves (which is the length trend this season).


"How To" Guide on Skirts

Skirts are a big item this year in fashion. Our new line has 5 new skirts coming out, so we wanted to give you a “How To” guide on skirts in preparation!

You want your skirts to be versatile, functional, slimming, elegant, and trendy but still comfortable. And there are plenty of ways to get what you want.

Take the denim skirt to the next level with pleats and a lighter denim fabric! When wearing a very full skirt like this, it is important to wear it with a top that is slimming and highlights your waist. A vest is a perfect thing to pair with a skirt like this!

Fall is here and winter will follow very quickly behind it. Looking for a skirt that has a heavy enough material to keep you warm but that is still flowy and feminine can be tough! When you find a skirt that works, it is such a huge staple in your wardrobe during the cold months! Pairing it with a warm but FITTED turtle neck is such a perfect go to outfit.

Ruffle is a huge trend that we love this season because it gives the earthy tones a touch of femininity. But it still needs to be appropriate for work and modest enough to feel comfortable. This is why we love this skirt, just the right amount of detail!

All of the Skirt Styles featured will be available to purchase at on October 1st.

Designer Dish

I feel like such a lucky fly on the wall listening to this “Designer Dish.” It’s such a great video put together by Glamour Magazine. At the end of the video, Isaac Mizrahi gives his top 5 picks for what you should pick up this season. His picks are not the same old ones that we have been hearing this season either, so be sure to watch till the end!

Katie Jean Skirt with Gathered Vest

Isn’t this ensemble just perfect? Yes, vests are still in this fall, and you CAN pull them off. Doesn’t this outfit look so classy, modest, and modern all in one? The gathering in the vest really gives you such a beautiful waist or accentuates the one you have. The skirt is full, fun, and a beautiful design. It is long enough but also shows off some leg! And with the full skirt it slims the legs fabulously!

Amberlee Jacket with Morgan Pants

Now for something a bit more relaxing! The Amberlee Jacket with Morgan Pants is the perfect outfit for running errands, meeting friends for lunch, going on a nice walk with the kids, or spending a night at home or on the town with your loved one! We love track suits BUT love them even more in black. When paired with a white mod bod undershirt, it breaks up the outfit just perfectly. And the black is just so slimming and flattering. This is such a go-to outfit, one you know you will look great in but will still be comfy at the same time!

Where You Can Find the New MB Clothing Line

We have been busy showing you the new MB Clothing line that comes out…in only 15 days! On October 1st we will have everything ready to ship out to our wonderful customers. But where are you going to be able to pick it up other than online?

This is where!

Lolla Bella Boutique(Gateway and Fashion Place Mall)
Mr. Mac at University Mall
Sister Missionary Mall-Orem
Studio BellezzaCenterville

If you are not in Utah, don’t worry. You can buy online at

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks to see what other amazing pieces are in the new line!

Zoe Top & Pencil Skirt

We are continuing to show off MB Clothing, our new line that will be out in 17 days! This is our Zoe Top paired with our Pencil Skirt. 40’s Glamour is back for fall fashion and the pencil skirt is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It is a classic piece as well as a trendy piece right now. It looks modern and old fashioned at the same time. We love how slimming it is to all figures. And we love all the different things you can pair it with. Our pencil skirt is modest so you don’t have to worry about showing off too much when you are at the office, church, or out at night with friends. This is such a fantastic piece in our line.

We love to pair it with our brand new Zoe Top. The Zoe Top comes in White, Black and Pewter. All earth tones which, once again, are very “in” this season. AND when you design it with feminine detail, it works! The puffed sleeve at the elbow does just that and also helps slim out the upper arm.

This is the perfect outfit to dress up with fun accessories. It’s also an outfit where you can pull off those higher boots that are in this season!

Victoria Skirt & Anna Ruffle Neck Top

As you know, we are so thrilled for our new line “MB Clothing” to come out October 1st. We have another reveal for our blog readers, facebook friends and twitter followers. You guys get the sneak peak first!

This one is our Victoria Skirt with the Anna Ruffle Neck Top. Isn’t it lovely?

The skirt is elegant, but modern and unique! Check out the detail around the bottom. And the ribbon- such fantastic detail. It takes black skirt to a whole new level. We think this is perfect for women of all ages to wear for all different occasions and looks amazing on such a number of different body types!

The Anna Ruffle Neck Top is “magic.” It hides any flaws you might have, but at the same time gives you SHAPE! The detail around the neckline is something new, modern and flattering.

This is such a perfect outfit. We hope you enjoy and will be able to wait until October 1st!