Back-to-School Shopping Help

Things are very busy at my house getting ready for five of my six kids who are going back to school in a few days. Back-to-school shopping is one of our favorite things to do. I have four girls and we have a ball going out together and picking out new clothes.

My girls love Aeropostale, Hollister and Blend Fashions. As their mom it’s nice to have created a product–my mod bod undershirts–I know will make any piece of clothing modest. If it is sleeveless, a little too short or a little too low cut it is immediately modest and acceptable to wear with a mod bod underneath!

For example, this top by Hollister is darling but without a mod bod tank underneath it would be to0 low cut and would not have enough coverage on top. Using mod bod makes me worry less as their mother but makes them happy to be able to wear the current fashions.

This dress was another favorite! They loved the detail around the neckline and bottom and it was actually long enough, but no way would it be acceptable to wear to school with the style of the back and top. Throw a cap-sleeve mod bod underneath and it has all the coverage it needs!

This tunic top IS modest but it features another issue I have with a lot of teen clothing. Lots of them are not warm enough for fall and winter! I have noticed teen clothing for the colder seasons use really thin material. They are dying to wear their favorite tops and head to school freezing when they do! By placing a mod bod long-sleeve top underneath it will keep your kids warm at school without keeping them from wearing their favorite tops.

At our house we have a brand new baby and my oldest son has been an angel helping out with the laundry. Another fantastic thing about mod bod is its high quality construction and fabric is such that it is not easily ruined in the wash. So while having him help out is great, I don’t have to worry about him ruining the tops!

Hopefully this has helped all the moms and teens heading out for some back-to-school shopping. Use mod bod to make the trip go more smoothly; you don’t have to fight about whether things are modest or not when they know they need to wear a mod bod underneath to make it work!

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