Fall Fashion Preview

The past month I have been thinking a lot about Fall 2009 fashion and going on trips to get more inspiration. I am estatic to share some of my favorite upcoming trends with you!
I am all into “key pieces” as you can tell by upcoming Fall MB Clothing Line. I love pieces you can mix with any outfit to bring it up to date on the most current fashions. These are some key fashion pieces for Fall and Winter 2009.

Bohemian Luxury

Mainstrem trends are much much more toned down than what you see in high-fashion pictures (like the pictures I am using in this post) so don’t let it scare you! But look at the beautiful fabric in these dresses! And the colors they are choosing and the detail–simply gorgeous! It is the perfect combination of sexy, rock chic, luxury, gypsy and folk. I love studying every seam, every shade of color and detail; they are such peices of art, don’t you think? Some of the key pieces in this style to look for (start now to get the best pick) would be:
Flowing white peasant shirts
Fringed boots
Details like leather pieces
Embroidery and paisley prints
Charm / coin belts in your acessories
Fur-trimmed pieces

Plaid/Tartan Trend

Tartan and plaid were in last Fall and are again this year, in everything from dresses to boyfriend shirts to coats. Look for this and be open to where you can add it in your wardrobe, everything from a scarf to an evening gown can work.


Lastly, one of my favorite thing to talk about: SHOES! More importantly, above-the-knee boots! Kate Moss must know all the fashion secrets before they arrive on the runway because she has been spotted wearing them for a few months! You see them everywhere over in the UK, which means they should be here in the U.S. any day. You can make them look professional and not over the top by pairing them with a paisley jersey dress, tight pants or a skirt that hits just above the boot. These are not to wear with a short skirt; that style isn’t “in” and wouldn’t look too great.

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