Using ModBod to Help You Layer Correctly

A huge part of our line is all about layering and all of our high-quality modbod basics are indispensable classics so we want to give you detailed tips on how to layer! Layering can help you transition between seasons, ensure you are covering enough skin, have a very slimming affect and allow you to play around with different fashions.

The bottom layer needs to be a LIGHT layer. You don’t want to stifle yourself or have your bottom layer too thick; it will be uncomfortable and make you look bulky. This is why our modbods are perfect! The snug-but-comfortable sleeves keep your undergarments covered and a slightly higher neckline covers cleavage. Quality material and stitching in addition to our Perfect Fit keeps it in place.

You can do so many things with your next layer like playing around with colors, lengths and tops. For summer you can put a white cami on the bottom and a colored cap-sleeve on top! For spring you can put a colored cap-sleeve underneath and add a fun, flowy white top over so a bit of color peeks through. For fall you can pair one of our Perfect V-Necks with a stylish vest, and in winter you can use any of our undershirts (depending on how cold it is) under all your cute winter sweaters!

Have fun! Layering is very flattering when done the right way and using modbod will help you feel confident you are layering correctly! So dress up your outfit with accessories, scarves, jewelry…play around with lots of options to see what looks best. Show off YOUR personal style!

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