Pairing ModBod Undershirts with Upcoming Fall Fashions

I know it isn’t cooling down YET but I still love browsing the newest Fall fashions and finding ones that will work perfectly with our modbod undershirts. We make some of the highest quality clothing in our industry so it looks fantastic when you pair it with another high-quality choice. Other layering shirt brands can look a little off or even make your outfit look a bit cheap when you have an unflattering or low-quality undershirt.

Halogen is a very affordable line you can find at Nordstrom; the designs of their clothes are very figure flattering and the quality is top notch.

Don’t you love the detail in the sleeves in their new blouse? The little bit of puff helps the upper arms appear slimmer and the seams make itfigure friendly. Pairing it with one of our cap sleeves means you don’t have to worry about how sheer it is and can feel comfortable knowing you are covered!

These silk ruffle tops are huge this Fall and Banana Republic has an awesome collection of them (click here to view more).

But the one thing about these shirts is you can very easily and accidentally show a little too much when bending down, helping the kids or moving around at work. To make sure you don’t embarrass anyone or yourself pair it with one of our undershirts! Any sleeve length will do and it won’t be too high and ruin the look of the shirt.

Lastly, the low rise jeans are still around and to be honest, Blend Fashions FINALLY made me somewhat of a fan after I tried on a pair of their PRVCY jeans.

You DO have to be really careful with these if you want to stay modest! Wearing one of our undershirts will make your tops long enough so when you are moving around or bending over you are staying covered for sure!

Hope you have enjoyed some of my upcoming Fall fashion items and lines that I know will work perfectly for you WITH HELP FROM MODBOD!

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