Using modbod Tops for Maternity Wear

“Our fabric has 10% l=Lycra and will stretch with your tummy so you have a before, during and after shirt! It saves a lot of money! I just had my baby and this is exactly what I did so I know it works. Some women might need to bump up a size but they still have a shirt they can wear after pregnancy.”

~ Shellie, Owner of modbod

You can work our modbod undershirts into most maternity wear during every season. Below are some of our fun products you can use to keep you looking like the cute, preggo woman you are!

Our modbod basics are indispensable classics and come in a wonderful selection of colors! They do vary a little based on our new season lines but here is a current list:

  • White
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Hot Pink
  • Pool Blue
  • Slate Grey
  • Blush Pink
  • Dark Orchid

Use these to add an extra layer, a “pop” of color or as added assurance all of you is being covered while expecting!

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