My Pencil skirt

Our pencil skirt was one of my most fufilling designs because the skirt is magic! It looks fantastic on every woman–so flattering, so chic, so…everything! Today I want to show you three different styles of tops to pair it with for three totally different looks.

As you know, 40’s glamour is coming back; I am thrilled because that means pencil skirts AND stunning glamor chiffon tops. Chiffon tops come in an array of colors, patterns and sleeve lengths. If you are worried about them being too sheer, you know what to use! A modbod undershirt, of course! This is a perfect look for family pictures, a more relaxed day atwork (depending on your profession) and will be fabulous at a more casual event too.

Ann Taylor and JCrew are the perfect places to shop for high-quality, work-appropriate dress shirts. Of course you don’t need to always go with white; they have a great selection of colors with more “pop.” But sometimes a clean button-up white top paired with a pencil skirt is just plain sexy but still work appropriate. Once again, if you feel it’s too see-through use a modbod undershirt so you don’t worry!

What would be more perfect for a night out after work than this top? Nothing! A nicer summer top accompanies the pencil skirt perfectly! This sequin top is a Free People top that you can buy at Our pencil skirt is available at Blend Fashions or online at! Be sure to add this essential skirt to your wardrobe this summer!

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