Fall Fashion Preview

The past month I have been thinking a lot about Fall 2009 fashion and going on trips to get more inspiration. I am estatic to share some of my favorite upcoming trends with you!
I am all into “key pieces” as you can tell by upcoming Fall MB Clothing Line. I love pieces you can mix with any outfit to bring it up to date on the most current fashions. These are some key fashion pieces for Fall and Winter 2009.

Bohemian Luxury

Mainstrem trends are much much more toned down than what you see in high-fashion pictures (like the pictures I am using in this post) so don’t let it scare you! But look at the beautiful fabric in these dresses! And the colors they are choosing and the detail–simply gorgeous! It is the perfect combination of sexy, rock chic, luxury, gypsy and folk. I love studying every seam, every shade of color and detail; they are such peices of art, don’t you think? Some of the key pieces in this style to look for (start now to get the best pick) would be:
Flowing white peasant shirts
Fringed boots
Details like leather pieces
Embroidery and paisley prints
Charm / coin belts in your acessories
Fur-trimmed pieces

Plaid/Tartan Trend

Tartan and plaid were in last Fall and are again this year, in everything from dresses to boyfriend shirts to coats. Look for this and be open to where you can add it in your wardrobe, everything from a scarf to an evening gown can work.


Lastly, one of my favorite thing to talk about: SHOES! More importantly, above-the-knee boots! Kate Moss must know all the fashion secrets before they arrive on the runway because she has been spotted wearing them for a few months! You see them everywhere over in the UK, which means they should be here in the U.S. any day. You can make them look professional and not over the top by pairing them with a paisley jersey dress, tight pants or a skirt that hits just above the boot. These are not to wear with a short skirt; that style isn’t “in” and wouldn’t look too great.


More On My Ruffle Tank



The Ruffle Tank from my Spring/Summer line is one of my very favorite designs we’ve done at modbod. I wanted to show you a bit more in detail how you can add them into your wardrobe.

As we said in the previous post it is the perfect match with our Pencil Skirt no matter the skirt’s color (khaki, black or brown). If you didn’t want to go sleeveless you could throw on a cardigan (our banded cardigan would be perfect) or even a nice jacket that meshes well with the Pencil Skirt. This look would be perfect for the office. The ruffle tank gives you a bit of femininity to your outfit but certainly keeps you professional and modest.

Another great option would be to use it in a comfy summer outfit to dress it up just a touch. The Ruffle Tank is extremely light, airy and comfortable but with the type of fabric it is made from and the attention to detail it will take your comfy outfit to another level!

7 for All Mankind Bermuda Shorts

Lastly we think the Ruffle Tank would go paired perfectly with a upcoming Fall trend, tweed pants. Tweed pants can come across a bit to masculine if you don’t pair it with the right top and the Ruffle Tank is the perfect example of the right top. You can pull off this style when you match it with a shirt that has some detail and femininity to it!

New Upcoming Fashion–Tweet Pants this pair by Anthropologie

You can buy our Ruffle Tank online at http://themodbod.com or pick one up at Blend Fashions in Utah!

ModBod at Blend Fashions

Our line is available for purchase online at themodbod.com but if you are in Utah they are also available at Blend Fashions. It is always nice to see the fabric, colors, styles in person so you can get a better feel for the tees!


The cowl neck top is a great summer piece and is perfect with the a-line baroque patterned skirt pictured above. You can also pair the cowl neck with a pair of fabulous denim jeans and layer it with a modbod cami with lace, which makes it even more fun!


My ruffle tanks are another fun item you can find at Blend Fashions. I love the vibrant colors and they are perfect for all seasons. Once again you can pair it with a fabulous pair of denim or my black pencil skirt.



I love these banded cardigans I designed paired with my lace-front camis. The cardigan has a deep v-neck so you can really show off the beautiful lace in the cami.

Be sure to check out these fashions in person at Blend Fashions in Pleasant Grove, Utah. If you are somewhere else in the country be sure to check them out online!

Fantastic Make-Up Finds

Afterglow Organic Makeup is one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. Why? Celebrities have to wear makeup everyday and are concerned with the products used on their skin. As a result many makeup artists have switched to products like the amazing EverGlow line. Afterglow Cosmetics focuses on offering the most natural color cosmetics on the market, free of many of the synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes and fillers found in traditional cosmetics. Be sure to check out this line; it is surprisingly affordable.

Posh swears by the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. Apparently it’s her “ambulance in a tube.” It’s an intensive masque of concentrated vitamins and botanical extracts that calm environmentally-stressed skin. Extracts of licorice, comfrey and burdock soothe skin and decrease sensitivity. You can find this online for less than $50; it is most definitely worth a try.

Kim Kardashian SWEARS by her Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight, and it is really as good as she claims. It is yet another product that is affordable at $24 a tube, which is worth it if you LOVE it…and you will!

Free People put together an awesome YouTube video showing makeup application tips they use to photograph the models in their latest catalog. Watch and learn!

Summer Fashion Fixers

In the summertime people show more skin, but even when done modestly you still want to make sure you look great and feel comfortable! I love how in this video the style expert says, “A good fit never goes out of style!”

During the video they go over very common problems like elongating your body, dealing with a small bust, creating an hourglass figure…just about everything! I loved this video so much I had to share!

Using ModBod to Help You Layer Correctly

A huge part of our line is all about layering and all of our high-quality modbod basics are indispensable classics so we want to give you detailed tips on how to layer! Layering can help you transition between seasons, ensure you are covering enough skin, have a very slimming affect and allow you to play around with different fashions.

The bottom layer needs to be a LIGHT layer. You don’t want to stifle yourself or have your bottom layer too thick; it will be uncomfortable and make you look bulky. This is why our modbods are perfect! The snug-but-comfortable sleeves keep your undergarments covered and a slightly higher neckline covers cleavage. Quality material and stitching in addition to our Perfect Fit keeps it in place.

You can do so many things with your next layer like playing around with colors, lengths and tops. For summer you can put a white cami on the bottom and a colored cap-sleeve on top! For spring you can put a colored cap-sleeve underneath and add a fun, flowy white top over so a bit of color peeks through. For fall you can pair one of our Perfect V-Necks with a stylish vest, and in winter you can use any of our undershirts (depending on how cold it is) under all your cute winter sweaters!

Have fun! Layering is very flattering when done the right way and using modbod will help you feel confident you are layering correctly! So dress up your outfit with accessories, scarves, jewelry…play around with lots of options to see what looks best. Show off YOUR personal style!

Pairing ModBod Undershirts with Upcoming Fall Fashions

I know it isn’t cooling down YET but I still love browsing the newest Fall fashions and finding ones that will work perfectly with our modbod undershirts. We make some of the highest quality clothing in our industry so it looks fantastic when you pair it with another high-quality choice. Other layering shirt brands can look a little off or even make your outfit look a bit cheap when you have an unflattering or low-quality undershirt.

Halogen is a very affordable line you can find at Nordstrom; the designs of their clothes are very figure flattering and the quality is top notch.

Don’t you love the detail in the sleeves in their new blouse? The little bit of puff helps the upper arms appear slimmer and the seams make itfigure friendly. Pairing it with one of our cap sleeves means you don’t have to worry about how sheer it is and can feel comfortable knowing you are covered!

These silk ruffle tops are huge this Fall and Banana Republic has an awesome collection of them (click here to view more).

But the one thing about these shirts is you can very easily and accidentally show a little too much when bending down, helping the kids or moving around at work. To make sure you don’t embarrass anyone or yourself pair it with one of our undershirts! Any sleeve length will do and it won’t be too high and ruin the look of the shirt.

Lastly, the low rise jeans are still around and to be honest, Blend Fashions FINALLY made me somewhat of a fan after I tried on a pair of their PRVCY jeans.

You DO have to be really careful with these if you want to stay modest! Wearing one of our undershirts will make your tops long enough so when you are moving around or bending over you are staying covered for sure!

Hope you have enjoyed some of my upcoming Fall fashion items and lines that I know will work perfectly for you WITH HELP FROM MODBOD!

HUGE Announcement!

We wanted to announce a huge sale at Blend Fashions where they carry quite a few undertease and modbod items.

If you live in Utah this is a sale you CAN’T afford to miss!


Blend Fashions

285 E. State Road

Pleasant Grove, UT


July 15th ~ August 1st


* Buy one undertease or modbod and get one 40% off

* 30% off the ENTIRE STORE

* An additional 15% off our clearance closet

* Receive a free tote if you spend over $150

See you there!

Tulip Skirt

The fabulous staff over at Blend Fashions used my Tulip skirt to show how you can use one classic piece for three completely different occasions. We are showing you the brown version today but you can also buy it in black and raspberry from themodbod.com.

This is a very classic piece and a wonderful essential to put in your wardrobe. Today they showed more of a modern, bohemian look for what you can pair it with and I just love it!

#1 Pair it with summer’s hottest top, the racerback tank. Simply throw on a modbod undershirt if you need it to be more modest!


#2 Pair it with a light summer jacket–this shade of pink is such a perfect accompaniment to my brown Tulip skirt!


#3 Pair it with a fun, flowing baby doll top. This top will work well for the in-between months from summer to fall.

Thanks to the gals over at Blend Fashions–we love the ideas!

Fashion Inspiration through Blogs

One of the hottest ways to find designers, fads and top fabrics is by reading blogs. They often know and write about trends before national magazines do! We love to find bloggers who match our personal style and whose opinions we always trust.

For children’s clothing Tangled and True always posts about up-and-coming designers in children’s clothing. These have been some of her past favorite picks that are now some of ours too!

Designer Misha Lulu (above top)
Lucco Kids Line (above middle)
Knuckleheads Line (above bottom)

There is an unbelievable amount of bloggers who post about women’s fashions. Over at Black Eiffel she posts beautiful fashion finds. She has such an eye for fashion and it is always unique and spot on. Some of her current finds (Toast & Salt Water) are now our new favorite places to get fashion inspiration for my personal style and my company.

If you are into high fashion here are our top three favorite blogs where you can learn just about everything you want to know:

Street Peeper: Street fashion from Amsterdam to “Elsewhere.” The list of bloggers, photographers and general contributors is enough to make you drool with anticipation over what these on-the-edge individuals will bring to the site.

Chic Inspector: The Chic Inspector keeps a close ear (and eye!) to the ground in New York City to bring you fashion trends, gossip and more.

Style Bites: A California girl moved to Prague to chase her European dreams and ended up working in the fashion biz. Now bouncing back and forth to NYC, she shares her devotion to fashion and obsessions with Chloe, vintage and accessories.

Which blogs are your fashion inspiration?